Sammy Anne’s Signature Myofascial release treatment. We have had a lot of requests for MFR treatments so we have designed this treatment with a Sammy Anne’s Signature twist to get the most out of your MFR session.

This treatment is different to our usual Sammy Anne’s style as its all about releasing fascia.
The massage gun is loud, some MFR movements can be uncomfortable, and we do MFR holds which involves us holding certain stretches for 60 seconds at a time so can be a bit slow but its the best way to release the fascia.

please note – MFR – can be uncomfortable at times but your therapist will communicate with you throughout your treatment and adjust when needed.

Full body massage 2.5 hours – fascia is all over the body so to get the most from this treatment we will always recommend a full body, concentrating on the areas where you need it most. £119

Just back and neck 1 hour – £55

Signature MFR massage

Using the top of line Thera-gun massage gun, to start off the treatment in each area to start working on any tight areas and really get the circulation going in the area we are working on. We then will apply MFR techniques which are long, slow sustained pressure to elongate the tissue and fascia and rolling techniques – this is oil free. We then will do a combination of deep tissue and Swedish with the oil of your choice. This treatment is designed to fully loosen off your muscles and leave you feeling great!

Signature MFR – full body
150 minutes
Signature MFR – back
1 hour
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