Once you are comfortable lying down on our heated table/or sitting up (whatever is most comfortable for you!)  We will place our chakra crystals on your body and cleanse the room using a homemade spray, then we will use a combination of gentle touch and holding our hands above all the specific energy locations in the body to help guide this energy in a way that promotes balancing, healing and an overall feeling of well-being.

Sometimes during your session, you can feel an intense feeling heat, sensations, see colours and feel different things, but sometimes your sessions you may not feel much but the most common experience is an release of stress and a feeling of deep relaxation and more grounded.

Reiki with Massage – you will receive the above treatment with massage incorporated in such as Tibetan scalp massage, Reflexology, back massage, Indian head massage during your consultation we can design your perfect combination.

Just Reiki
60 minutes
Reiki with Massage
90 minutes
Reiki with Massage
120 minutes
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