Remember guys three special offers this month!!!!
All on the status so have a read 
All available until 30/06/18

Mindfulness with Lucy
We have been developing a new treatment and to get some practice in and develop this treatment we are offering a discount
1 hour and 45 minute treatment

First Lucy will be helping you discover the simple principles of mindfulness and how you can build them into your daily lifestyle, in an aim to connect with yourself and clear your mind of every day stress.
To start you will learn the importance of breathing properly and how to do it then you will get comfy on the massage couch and ‘check-in’ with how your body is feeling by carrying out a body scan meditation read by Lucy. Once this is completed you can drift into relaxation and calmness whilst having a traditional aromatherapy treatment
, with oils that have been selected to meet your individual needs

Normally £65
special offer price £45

inspired by May specials offer
(just shorter and a little cheaper)

60 minute backacial treatment using our fresh and awaken blend from last month 
Includes back brush, back scrub, back mask, leg & foot massage, back massage & finishing with neck massage.
100% natural ginger zinger shot included

60 minutes £38

OFFER THREE – because it was so popular we are doing it for another month!
fresh & awaken treatment

2 hour special offer
Starting with a Backacial treatment, which includes a body brush followed by a body smooth scrub all over the back, we then apply a natural green clay mask. While the mask is working its magic we massage the legs and feet using the bespoke blend of orange, ylang ylang & lime. We then remove the mask using hot towels and massage the back working out any built up tension. Once we have completed the back massage we will then work to brighten up your skin we cleanse, tone & scrub the face using 100% naturally derived tropic products. Once the skin is cleaned we will apply a mask to suit your skin type and massage the rest of the body including neck, arms, stomach (optional), legs and feet. We then will remove the mask and apply a finishing moisturiser to suit your skin.

After the treatment you will be given a 100%
natural organic ginger zinger shot to finish the spring clean treatment.

2 hours £65

Article written by Sammy