February 2018
special offer
With Valentines day in mind..

With a blend of pure essential oils Geranium, Rose & Rosewood we start with a relaxing Aromatherapy style back massage, doing pressures up and down the spine and using slow relaxing movements to help you float away.
When the back massage is complete we place grounding crystals smoky quartz by your feet and place rose quartz crystals in each hand.
We massage round the neck and move into a facial treatment. We use Tropics 100% naturally derived skincare range, we first cleanse, tone then use cold rose quartz on the face then we use our organic elixir oil and warm rose quartz crystals to massage round the face and decolletage. We then finish with the treatment with a few pressures round the scalp.
You will then have the choice of some infused water or a cup of warm infused herbal tea (or you can have both!)

45 minute treatment £30

we now have 3 treatment rooms so if you want to bring someone you love we can treat you at the same time.

Gift vouchers can be bought if you want to treat someone special this Valentines Day

Article written by Sammy