MARCH 2018 Special offer
inspired by Kerrie’s trips to India.

Sammy Anne’s Signature Indian head massage.

Using a blend of Sandalwood, Lemon & Black Pepper we pour hot oil over the back and start with a firm but relaxing back massage going into the scalp.  Once we have finished the back massage we massage the arms, neck and face.  We then pour hot oil into the scalp and using traditional Indian head massage techniques (and Sammy Anne’s Signature moves)  to help you unwind and relax.  

After your treatment you will be given a warm  coconut milk drink with turmeric, cinnamon, cardamon & honey drink to complete the treatment. 

75 minutes £40 

(please note if you book into this treatment you will be leaving with oily hair!  its a great overnight treatment and we can give you disposable shower caps to take home to keep the oil on overnight!)

Article written by Sammy