WOW so that’s it 2018 done!The start of December was pretty tough with the break in happening, but all the support we have received off clients & the community has been fantastic! (sorry if I have not messaged you to thank you personally! its been a tad manic but honestly means the world to us!) Everyone really helped turn it around and lift out spirits THANK YOU! 2018 has been incredible we now have four very talented therapists working at Sammy Anne’s, this means Sammy actually gets to take time off now! Kerrie, Emma & Lucy Thank you, you are incredible so lucky to work with like minded passionate women who love what they do as much as me! Off course a HUGE thank you to ALL OFF YOU! thanks for the continued support Sammy Anne’s, we love what we do and hope to continue to develop and make Sammy Anne’s the best it can be!
Plans for 2019?- we are going to be hopefully opening on more Sundays and maybe even introducing a 5th therapist to our dream team!! – Sammy is in very early stages of hopefully working alongside some charities by the end of the year : )- Lucy has been developing mindfulness workshops which will hopefully be starting February!- and off course some brand new treatments!
Hope you all have the BEST Christmas and New year! Lots of Love from all off us at Sammy Anne’s xxxxxxx

Article written by Sammy