I can not believe I am having to write this.

As you can imagine I have been really struggling with what the best action to take is. I have never been so anxious, it’s been a horrendous couple of weeks. When this situation first started I made it clear to Emma/Rachel/Lucy if they do not want to be at work, I 100% understand and support that decision. No one should be made to work if they are uncomfortable. On Monday we had a good chat and they made the decision to stay off for a while due to being in close contact with vulnerable people and I have tried to continue working.

**Just to be very clear Karen, Steph and Kerrie are still working. Sammy Anne’s is still open until they choose to stop and they will be in touch if anything changes. They are following guidelines and shop is well equipped.**

I have made the incredibly hard decision (which lost me so much sleep) to also  stop working for now and then review the situation in a couple of weeks.

Being a small business, we are going to take a big hit, but I feel now is the right time for me to stop.

We are seeing so many businesses adapting to the situation eg cafes/restaurants providing take-out and delivery services and helping others such as the NHS staff.

I also feel I would like to do something.

After this is all over, I want to MASSAGE the entire NHS – some of my clients work within the NHS and they are heroes.

If you know anyone within the NHS who you would like to gift this to or if you just want to do your bit to say thank you, you can purchase  a £35 voucher and I will top it up to ANY one hour treatment(treatments range from £40-£55). This offer can be purchased for someone you know or you can donate and we will make sure that it is allocated

If you want to do this, go to www.sammyannes.co.uk/giftvouchers
-Select £35 voucher and in the ‘To” section put NHS

– and in the “from” please put your instagram or email so we can send you a thank you when someone comes in to use it.

I think they will all deserve a treatment when this is over.
I will keep all these vouchers to one side and get in contact with NHS workers to spread the word and get them in when we can.

You can still buy vouchers for yourself or a loved one to be used in the future to help keep us going in the meantime. To purchase just visit: www.sammyannes.co.uk/gift-vouchers

Also, tropic is still going strong so if you want a pamper, products can be delivered right to your door at: www.tropicskincare.com/pages/SammyAnnes

Candles/soaps/reed diffusers can be delivered, just drop me a message.

Also to my lovely, loyal customers – you are amazing and make my job a dream, I am gutted to not be working and I can’t wait to get back to usual and massage you all!

Thanks for the continued support, I am so lucky to be part of such a wonderful community!

And too all the little businesses sticking together and sending words of encouragement and support I will be keeping in touch XXX

Article written by Sammy