April 2017 special offer
First we use a natural body brush all over the back this helps shed dead skin cells & encourage new cell renewal which gives us brighter smoother skin followed by a natural scrub, then using natural green clay mask to help detox and refresh the skin (while the clay is doing its magic you will be getting a foot massage!) followed by a deep tissue massage using almond/grapeseed oil infused with essential oils uniquely chosen for you (45 minutes for £30)
ADD BRAND NEW HAIR TREATMENT ON for only £10 extra (20 minutes extra)
Now time to treat the hair (warning you will leave with oily hair!) pouring warm coconut oil infused with Rosemary, Lavender & Chamomile this will be massaged into the scalp and hair for ultimate relaxation as a treatment you can leave on over night for beautiful repaired hair!

Article written by Sammy