September 2017 – Special offer

First off you soak your feet in warm water with an ocean fizz foot soak, then you choose one of the two luxury body oils we have on offer soothe the senses or awaken the senses. you will be drawn to the one you need most, once you have chosen your oil we do a back,neck and shoulder massage to suit your needs using the oil you choose. Once we have finished we will cover your feet in the repairing foot remedy and wrap in hot towels to help hydrate and soften the feet. Now we apply the Organic Elixir oil which helps hyrdrate and plump the skin to the face and do a soothing neck & facial massage ritual to help relax the mind and treat the skin followed by a relaxing arm & hand massage including rubbing organic nail nectar into the nails. Finally to finish we do a relaxation mini reflexology treatment to make sure all the foot remedy is massaged into your feet.

1 hour 30 minutes – £50

Article written by Sammy