Last minute appointments/bookings/updates & Holidays

When booking online remember we take full payment, if you don’t pay and you do not get a confirmation you have not booked in correctly please always double check as we would hate for you not to show up and not be booked in. If in doubt please text 07712249669 and we can confirm you are booked in correctly.

Remember you can book up to 3 months in advance and if you want to book further in advance please text and we can see what we can do.


If you wake up in the morning and think WOW I would LOVE a treatment today, text 07712249669 we have a waitlist online, but we do occasionally get no shows/last minute cancelations and we can ring you on the day if anything becomes available. We can’t guarantee we can fit you in but we will always try.

More availability Fran will be starting properly in September so more evening and weekend appointments will be available and our wonderful Emma will return around November so it will be A LOT easier to get booked in. Thank you for being patient with us.


Sammy is on holiday from 5th August and will return on the 17th August. Sarah will be running the show so please be patient when waiting for a response. This does mean that products won’t be available to order online if you do order they will be posted on the 17th. THIS IS ONLY FOR PRODUCTS GIFT VOUCHERS WILL BE POSTED OUT AS NORMAL

Special offers

The feel uplifted special offer is going to be take off the treatment menu next week so last chance to book in & our aromatherapy special will be available to book until the end of the month for more information & book please see our website 😊 CLICK HERE TO GO TO WEBSITE Thank you for continued support Sammy Anne’s Team

Article written by Sammy